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7 July 2017 – Gonorrhoea is becoming harder to treat due to antibiotic resistance, the United Nations health agency today cautioned, adding that there is a need for better prevention and treatment of the disease that infects an estimated 78 million people each year. “The bacteria that cause gonorrhoea are particularly smart. Every time we use […]

Polluted environments kill 1.7 million children each year, UN health agency reports

6 March 2017 – Unhealthy environments are responsible for one-quarter of young child deaths, according to two new reports from the United Nations health agency, which reviewed the threats from pollutants such as second-hand smoke, UV radiation, unsafe water and e-waste. According to the latest information, polluted environments take the lives of 1.7 million children […]

WMO confirms 2016 as hottest year on record, about 1.1°C above pre-industrial era

The year 2016 has been confirmed as the hottest year on record, surpassing the exceptionally high temperatures of 2015, according to a consolidated analysis by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The globally averaged temperature in 2016 was about 1.1°C higher than the pre-industrial period. It was approximately 0.83° Celsius above the long term average (14°C) […]

Interview with Dr David Nabarro, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Climate Change and candidate for the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr Nabarro’s career spans more than 40 years of working in public health. Starting as a doctor working for Save the Children in Northern Iraq and then Nepal, he later lectured on nutrition and public health in the United Kingdom (UK) and worked for the UK’s Department for International Development as Chief Health and Population […]

Plus d’un million de personnes traitées avec des médicaments très efficaces contre l’hépatite C Les prix élevés, un obstacle majeur à l’accès

GENÈVE – 27 octobre 2016 – Depuis son introduction il y a deux ans, plus d’un million de personnes dans les pays à revenu faible ou intermédiaire ont été soignées au moyen d’un nouveau traitement révolutionnaire de l’hépatite C. Lorsque les antiviraux à action directe (AAD) ont été homologués pour la première fois en 2013 pour […]

WHO urges global action to curtail consumption and health impacts of sugary drinks

11 October, 2016 ¦ Geneva: Taxing sugary drinks can lower consumption and reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay, says a new World Health Organization (WHO) report. Fiscal policies that lead to at least a 20% increase in the retail price of sugary drinks would result in proportional reductions in consumption of such products, […]

Rabies continues to kill despite effective animal & human rabies vaccines Rabies control needs to go beyond human and animal health services

Geneva, September 27, 2016. Rabies – a preventable but fatal disease – for which effective vaccines have existed for over 100 years – still takes the lives of an estimated 60,000 people each year, mostly children in rural Africa and Asia. Evidence suggests that the threat is especially prominent in areas struck by conflict and […]

True magnitude of stillbirths and maternal and neonatal deaths underreported Counting and reviewing every birth and death is key to preventing future tragedies

16 August 2016 | GENEVA – The day of birth is potentially the most dangerous time for mothers and babies. Every year, worldwide, 303 000 women die during pregnancy and childbirth, 2.7 million babies die during the first 28 days of life and 2.6 million babies are stillborn. Most stillbirths and neonatal deaths are preventable […]

Welcome to the Club International de Tennis – A sports and culture “hub” right at the centre of international Geneva Interview with Mr. Ahmed Laouyane, President of the CIT

It is not a question about “boosting but rather to come up with the facts. At the recent UN Games held in Malaga (Spain) the Geneva UN tennis team came first. Most of the players of the UN team and the teams from other Geneva-based organizations are nevertheless all members of the International Tennis Club […]

WHO encourages countries to act now to reduce deaths from viral hepatitis

GENEVA– Ahead of World Hepatitis Day, 28 July, the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging countries to take rapid action to improve knowledge about the disease, and to increase access to testing and treatment services. Today, only 1 in 20 people with viral hepatitis know they have it. And just 1 in 100 with the […]