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Are Refugees human beings…?

In the aftermath of World War I, Sir Eric Drummond, the first Secretary-General of the League of Nations, appointed Fridtjof Nansen to supervise the repatriation of prisoners of war. In eighteen months Nansen repatriated 427,866 prisoners of nearly 30 different nationalities. There was another emerging problem. The dramatic political upheavals in 1917–1920 in Russia, had produced enormous numbers of […]

What to believe and what not to believe

Considerable progress has been made in technology. Look at mobile telephones and the Internet. Today, many people enjoy a standard of living much higher than that of their parents. So what is really happening? Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, as one recent analysis suggested? Will the middle class disappear, as […]

Greetings card

Every year at Christmas/New Year time, we send off a greetings card to all our friends and relations and in the envelope we include a “family newsletter” ‒‒ a recto/verso page describing what everyone has been doing throughout the past twelve months. This observation calls for two comments. First, among the hundreds of people we […]

I Want the World to See Haiti as I Do By Jimmy Jean-Louis Actor, Philanthropist and Activist

I think about Haiti every day. It is where my roots lie and my old memories live. Haiti is where I lived as a boy before I left for Europe with my family to start a new life far from everything I had ever known and loved. That experience taught me a way to see […]

Thoughts…on a gloomy day

“There is something I don’t understand,” a friend observed. “Ever since I was on the ground covering the Libyan crisis, we reported that you could buy a Kalashnikov for US$50, while for US$400 you could get a complete anti-tank missile system.” This was common knowledge. The different intelligence services in Europe and elsewhere knew exactly […]

I hardly ever watch the news on TV anymore

“I hardly ever watch the news on TV anymore,” my colleague said the other day. “All you hear about is killings, wars, crimes … I’m tired of sad and depressing news.” It may be a general trend, because the same phenomenon has been observed in France, where one of the comedy shows, Scenes de ménage, […]

Business, ethics, deeds …

“With this financial crisis and its consequences, do you realize that people are going back to more traditional values?” my colleague observed one day. “It’s not only in Europe. You can find this phenomenon everywhere around the globe. Gordon Gekko’s vision is out –– greed is no longer good –– and people have realized that […]

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine ? A colleague of mine in the “Gauche caviar” (a reference to the leftist intellectual and artistic circles in Paris) once told me that I am not an artist, because I did not attend art school ! Many famous artists did not go to college before becoming painters or writers. Some did for sure, […]


“There is something wrong with our modern society,” my colleague said the other day. “If you look at the leaks of documents from Wikileaks concerning Afghanistan or Iraq, people in the 1970s or 1980s would have organized huge demonstrations and asked for accountability from their respective governments for the damage done to the local population, […]

As time goes by…

In an overgrown corner of an ancient cemetery lies a commemorative tablet on which is carved an important message for humanity : “Good Times ; Bad Times ; All Times ; Pass Over.” In other words, throughout life the good times will tend to get worse and the bad times will tend to get better. The Danish writer Karen […]