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DIPLOMATIE INTERNATIONALE & SOCIÉTÉ, par Dan Albertini Entre (). Janvier 2014, l’indice du commerce mondial à l’appui la Chine se veut la première puissance commerciale. L’économie suivra, pour cette Chine qui ne cache plus ses ambitions. Nouveau pouvoir, pourquoi ? Je l’ai souligné depuis 2000, si la Chine arrive à convertir 1M de citoyens en consommateurs […]

Welcome to the New Diva International

We are very excited to announce that our website has a new look! This new redesign allows our visitors easier access to our years of in-depth stories and articles, as well as a better internal search function and support for images. We even have a new address, InternationalDiplomat.com that will help broaden our reach across the world, although the old URL will continue to redirect.

Thank you for being loyal readers, feel free to explore the Diva International articles you know and love and keep an eye out for new ones in this space.

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